Episode 28: Letting Go of the "Shoulds" with Allison Villa

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On this week’s episode we talk with Allison Villa who is a registered psychotherapist all about aligning your family values to your life, taking a family sabbattical, letting go of the “shoulds” we carry with us, and connecting with your spouse on a new level (get unstuck!). Check out her online course Couples' Tune-Up for 50% off here!

Connect with Allison:

IG: https://www.instagram.com/houseandhook/

FB: https://www.facebook.com/houseandhook/

Email: [email protected], [email protected]

Website: https://www.houseandhook.com/


Allison Villa is a Registered Psychotherapist, adventurous wife, and fiercely-loving mother. Her virtual therapy practice keeps her connected to clients worldwide. She and her husband, Arjan, are the co-creators of House and Hook, a website dedicated to keeping couples' thriving before (and throughout) parenthood. Together, they hope to inspire others to live with intention and to embrace family travel.  On August 1st, they are embarking on a 14 day family road trip from their home in Toronto, Canada to Puerto Escondido, Mexico, where they will be living for the year. Their online course Couples' Tune-Up launches in Fall 2018. Allison enjoys cycling to farmer's markets, having tea and talks with friends, enjoying day-dates with her husband, and busting out in family dance parties.


Taking a family sabbatical

What happens when you don’t take time for couple in early parenthood…

Downsizing, minimizing, letting go of the “shoulds”

Family members who weren’t supportive of choices

“If you’re living your life for other people, chances are, you aren’t going to  be living your fullest life.”

How moving to a foreign country affected relationship with husband and kids

Social media and the effects it can have on us

Whether moving to Mexico was a slow burn or a sudden choice

If you just keep taking steps towards where you visualize yourself, it’s going to happen

Small Steps = Big Change

When life throws you something hard, say thank you - Maya Angelou

Marriage -- feeling in a funk-- how to get out of a funk

SPending time together during the day instead of at night

Make intentional sexy time-- nothing is ever really spontaneous 😉



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  1. Thanks for having me, Alli! Loved connecting with you and sharing our story. I hope it can inspire couples and families to live (and love) with more intention


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