Episode 27: Nine Tools to Decrease Anxiety

Anxiety 27

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30 percent of adults in the United States (that's 66 million people) and an estimated 25 percent of teenagers and preteens are affected by anxiety. On my Instagram Stories Survey, 92% of you said YES that you’ve struggled with anxiety...

Here’s what helps me:

1. Healing from Trauma, doing the work, working with a counselor to stop letting past traumas define me...I remember getting triggered so easily (especially during sex)..and working with a counselor can give you a toolbox to work with when you do get triggered, and help you understand WHY you’re getting triggered...which helps when you’re in the moment

2. Staying away from too much alcohol 

3. Ridding my life of toxic “friends” who make me feel anxious when I’m around them...they make me feel like I need to be someone else...bye felicia

4. Eating low-carb, high fat..

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5. CBD oil also has been a huge lifesaver.

6. Medication: When I was starting, having a prescription xanax around made me feel safe because I knew if a panic attack got really bad I could take a half. Obviously talk to your doctor and figure out what works best for you, but this helped me.

7. Meditation: Learning to become mindful of the present moment and practicing gratitude. What am I thankful for? What is going great in my life right now? I try to practice this daily because it’s really difficult to practice in the moment when an anxiety attack is happening-- almost impossible!

8. Caffeine: I noticed coffee made me even more anxious. So for a while, I eliminated it completely and used a coffee replacement called Dandy Blend which is made from Dandelions. I highly recommend it, it’s delicious and super good to detox your liver. Now, I’ve realized I’m good with green tea, so I added that into my morning routine.

9. Movement: some days, this means HIIT or heavy lifting, some days this means yoga. I try to practice mindfulness around what my body is needing in the present moment and go from there.

-I STILL struggle with it...I have nights where I wake up in the van and I have imagined someone is breaking in. It’s okay to not have it completely “under control” all the time. We are humans. We aren’t going to have it all figured out. It’s just about taking little steps every day and seeing little improvements every day that keeps us going.


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