Episode 10: Achieve Your Goals the Fun Way with Brittany Hoopes

010 Goals with Brittany

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Brittany Hoopes is a Podcaster and Qualitative Researcher whose work focuses on topics surrounding Goal Setting, Achievement and Identity.

In this episode we talk about: 

  • Identity & Goal Setting (How to Not Lose Touch of Who YOU Are When Chasing Your Dreams)
  • Breaking Goals Down Into Manageable Moments
  • What To Do When Your Dreams Change
  • Finding Organization Systems that Support Your Soul and Goals
  • Brittany's favorite goal setting apps and tools

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“You have to love it in order to want to do the hard parts about it.” - Brittany on career choices

The self-trust is developed when you take the jump

Life is just too short to settle. If you’re not 100% happy with something, keep going until you figure it out Click To Tweet

Goals setting worksheet - click here

Keep on breaking down your big goal, to these manageable moments

There’s a difference between dreaming and goal setting

How to motivate to achieve goals...75 different ways blog post- click here 

Lauren Handel Zander- Maybe Its You 

Make promises to yourself to keep you in your personal integrity

Rewards vs. consequences

If you feel like you don’t trust yourself, how in the world are you going to feel confident? Click To Tweet

Jealousy of other people getting what you want.

“It’s so inspirational to see other people achieve things.”

Using gamification to help achieve goals

Goal setting is a journey.

Apps/ Tools for Goal Setting

  • The Secret Daily App
  • Happy Scale App
  • The Shine App - self-care + goal setting app

Brittany’s personal/ professional goals

Favorite book - The Alchemist

If there is something you want to do  in your lifetime for sure, if you don’t have it in the works, what are you waiting for??

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