Episode 1: Tools for Improved Mindfulness and Increasing Joy

001_ Tools for Improved Mindfulness and Increasing Joy

Have you ever wondered if you are aligned in your life?

The thing you’re most scared of is the thing you need to do Click To Tweet

In this episode, Alli vulnerably shares her journey to alignment and finally coming alive in her own. She shares parts of her story as well as some practical tools for you to takeaway with you.

I thought if people noticed me then that would mean I was different, so I was always just trying to fit it and be like everyone else. Click To Tweet

Alli appeared to have it all- the six figure job, the amazing partner, the house; but she felt off. She felt misaligned.

It wasn't until she let go of society's expectations and came into her own was she able to finally reveal her purpose and come alive. Click To Tweet

Practicing the alignment muscle is a habit we will all continue to grow throughout our lives, and Alli shares so practical tools to do so.

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