Episode 12: Finding Balance within the Hustle with Erica Beisada

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Erica is an attorney by day and a health and wellness blogger and podcaster by night. She gives us some tips on how to switch over to a healthier, non-toxic lifestyle. She shares with us how networking in the blogger space and how that has affected her business. 

Find the full show notes at www.alliowen.com/erica

Find Erica at www.bringyourownkombucha.com

  • How Erica balances life as a full time attorney, wife, blogger, and podcaster
  • Her advice for someone wanting to start a blog or side hustle while working a 9-5
  • Her goals for “Bring Your Own Kombucha” Blog
  • Her future book- legal requirements for bloggers
  • How to get over the feeling of “there’s so many other bloggers/ people out there doing what I want”
  • Shut the Kale Up- Erica's blog inspiration
  • Switching over to a healthier, non-toxic lifestyle
  • “Our cleaning products are actually more damaging to our health than second hand smoke”
  • Making routines / being more structured on healthy foods and working out
  • How to trick your husband into eating more veggies
  • Healthy treats- eating evolved Peanut Butter Cups
  • Fiber, fat, and carbs!
  • Networking in the blogger space and how that has affected her business
  • Don’t hesitate to reach out to people
  • Material Girl, Mystical World

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