Episode 36: When Will We Feel Safe Again [Solo-Episode on Sexual Assault]


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-Mollie Tibbetts

-Wendy Martinez

-Second woman speaking publicly with accusations against Kavanaugh

-Christine Blasey Ford and now Deborah Ramirez

-Allegations against Brett Kavanaugh are 'totally political,' Trump says


"He is a fine man with an unblemished past and these are highly unsubstantiated statements from people represented by lawyers," the president said as he arrived at the United Nations General Assembly in New York. "Judge Kavanaugh is an outstanding person and I am with him all the way."

He continued, "For people to come out of the woodwork from 36 years ago and 30 years ago and never mention it, all of a sudden it happens, in my opinion, it's totally political. It’s totally political."

Why people don’t believe her---

The instances of false reports of sexual assault are minuscule, usually 3-5%

If you know there’s a 95% chance a hurricane is coming, would you leave your house? Those are pretty good odds.

“We do not believe women, because our culture has trained us to not believe women and defend women.”

They were 17 years old. Look at a 17 year old girl and look at her in the eyes and say, you know what “it’s okay if you get raped tonight”

What girls are is collateral damage in the coming of age story of boys

Also this: 17 year old Kavanaugh was “just a kid” and not responsible, but 17 year old Travon Martin was a “man” who knew what he was doing and got killed rather than receiving the benefit of any fucking doubt. Hypocrisy.

Fear is a powerful motivator. The victims of OUR president who came out were publicly critizied. The system isn’t designed to protect us, despite the fact that cases of false reporting are nearly non-existent. We all deserve safety.

Sometimes we don’t tell because we’re trying to forget.

Our testimonies are considered “smear campaigns” and we’re asked questions like:

-Well, how much did you have to drink?

-What were you wearing?

Personally, a male told me that after reading my story published on my website about my experience with sexual trauma, that it “didn’t seem like rape.”

Rape isn’t a grey area. Rape is black or white. Did the person give consent or not?

If consent was never given, it’s rape. If consent was coerced, it’s rape. If the person was inebriated and could no longer give consent, it’s rape.

Looking back on my rape, I honestly doubt my perpetrator even thought of it as rape, because it was just another night coercing a woman to have sex with him using physical and emotional force. So, in recounting a memory from 6 years ago, he wouldn’t remember the details. I do though, that’s how trauma works. It was just another night for him. So it makes sense why other people (besides the victim) don’t remember details from that night.

Trump said “I have no doubt that, if the attack on Dr. Ford was as bad as she says, charges would have been immediately filed with local Law Enforcement Authorities by either her or her loving parents. I ask that she bring those filings forward so that we can learn  date, time, and place!”

“Just casually flipping through the completely blank pages of the book called “the right time for a woman to report sexual assault.”  @kashanacauley


You don’t owe the world another damn thing.



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