Episode 9: How to Afford Full Time Travel with Kashlee Kucheran

009 High Maintenance Minimalist Travel

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In this episode we talk to Kashlee Kucheran about how her and her husband travel full time off their blog, her book, and side businesses. We talk about her journey as a minimalist, ditching her $200k per year salary. She gives us her top tips for full time travel and how they make health a priority while on the road.

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Kashlee Kucheran sold her house and 95% of her belongings to live out of 2 suitcases and travel the world full time! Her recently published book, ‘The High Maintenance Minimalist’ teaches others how to declutter, value experiences over ‘things’ and start creating opportunities to travel more. She blogs about her nomadic and minimalist life at TravelOffPath.com

The cost of living for a month in Bali- 4 star hotels!!

"We were finding we were becoming nailed down by our possessions"

"If one crab is trying to get out of a  bucket of crabs, the other crabs try to pull him back in" - a metaphor for other people trying to bring you down

It’s your life, you can’t let anyone (mom dad sister brother friend boss) tell you how you’re going to live because that’s their life template, not yours. Click To Tweet

Top tips for Full Time Travel

If you want to live a life you’ve only dreamed of you then you have to do things differently than other people. You’re going to have to get uncomfortable. All pain is going to equal growthand amazing things later on Click To Tweet

How Kashlee makes health a priority while full time travelling

How has spending 100% of time with your husband changed your relationship

Kashlee’s book



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