Episode 30: Learning to Be Yourself with Katie Dalebout

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Katie and I talk all about her podcast that has been going 5 years strong, what she's learned interviewing 250 people on the topic of wellness, and what she would recommend to someone starting a podcast today.

We also chat about overcoming fear, how journaling has been used in her toolkit to become more herself and more self-aware and how moving to NYC has changed her.

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Katie Dalebout is an writer, host, and wellness and creativity cheerleader who resides in New York City. In 2013 she started the then wellness focused podcast Let It Out, which has now molded into a modern long-form interview show covering everything from wellness & spirituality to entrepreneurship & relationships and has an over 200 episode achieve. Her first book published with Hay House in 2016, Let It Out: A Journey Through Journaling is a collection of personal essays and journaling prompts.

-podcasting 5 years now
-How podcasting has helped her networking and build community
-the challenges of building a podcast
-what Katie would say to someone starting a podcast now
-"dont talk about it, be about it"
-"I have an audience not because I'm perfect but because I'm consistent"
-recommends having a cohost for people just starting out
-Evolution of podcast has grown with the evolution of Katie
-"the things I focused on asking people to me, now, seem so silly and unimportant."
-"my greatest asset has been my ability to be imperfect and still put things out"
-how she still doesn't even look at her numbers...looking at numbers is kind of like weighing herself..you're either going to judge the number as good or judge the number as bad
-"all you need is 1000 true fans"
-Social media followings and audiences are NOT merit based...
-Overcoming fear to put yourself out there online
-She had role models who were doing what she wanted to do, and she connected with them

-"I believe any time you feel envy or jealousy or anytime you admire someone else for something, that means you have that light within you, you have that talent or that ability within you unawakened"
-Overwhelming theme interviewing over 250 people about wellness
-Everyone is so unique
-People who are most magnetic and dynamic are the most THEMSELVES
-What Katie is learning about herself lately-- that she has a bad habit of overscheduling herself, overfilling her time
-"How can I listen to anyone else fully if I'm listening to myself?"
-How journaling has been used in her toolkit of self-awareness
-How having ADHD has affected her ability to focus on one thing at a time
-"I'll be the most self-aware when I'm about to croak"
-Why we're here: to learn about ourselves through other people, through our work, through society and culture.
"No one is your friend. No one is your enemy. Everyone is your teacher."
-How discipline plays into journaling, "I don't want to add to the self-care list"
-Maintenance journaler vs SOS journaler
-Journaling is just for you.
-Katie's move to NYC, what prompted her move and how has moving changed her
-"I need to figure out how to be okay being myself in this city"
-Where does Katie think she would be if she hadn't started her blog or podcast
-When people have an eating disorder, when their career is in a malleable place, their career becomes something related to eating disorders
-"If I hadn't started this blog, maybe I would've started a fashion blog"
-Sliding Glass Doors with Gwyenth Paltrow

-She feels most aligned and alive when she's learning something and has the time and space to integrate it in her life, when she's walking around NYC, having experiences that get her into her body and out of her head.


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