Episode 21: Minimalism + Eating Well on a Budget with Katie Smith

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Katie shares her story of health and wellness…celiac disease…autoimmune disease…anxiety…depression…autoimmune protocol…leaky gut…gut/brain access…AIP

Food Journaling, switching macronutrient ratio to predominantly higher fats…consuming carbohydrates in the evening.

Bioindividuality, Creating a Fat Burning Machine, Intermittent Fasting

Lowfat Diets and how sad they make us…what things do they put in it to make it taste good?

Fat is so important to absorb fat absorbing vitamins

Eggs are the most perfect food

Vegetable + Canola Oils + Margarine…No one should be eating these!

Olive Oil is great for salads (do no heat), Avocado oil is great for heating

Minimalism- Katie’s minimalism story

Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University

Buying stuff on Craigslist and flipping it

Mental Minimalism- Quality over Quantity

Two favorite purchases from closet: Cuyana work satchel, Citizens of Humanity jeans

Tip about downsizing: put it in a tote and stick it somewhere you can’t see it, reevaluate it after 30 days. Did you think about the item?

Mental part of minimalism- Aparigraha

How faith interworks into her business and how she gained the confidence to share her story

Being healthy can help you connect deeper to God!

How can you do business with me if you don’t really know who I am?

Yoga and Christianity. Is yoga a religion?


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