Episode 25: Finding What Makes You Come Alive with Mackenzie Rosman

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Mackenzie Rosman was once a childhood actor on the popular TV show 7th heaven, and now she’s chasing her dreams to ride horses professionally. We chat about what it was like being a childhood actor, making friends while in the spotlight, expectations placed on herself to succeed. Mackenzie also shares about depression, anxiety, therapy, the reality of your mortality, and the paradox of choice. This episode goes deep and I know you will find it inspiring to blaze your own trails and live the life you’ve always imagined. Let’s get started.

Mack’s love of cheese and it’s origins

Food eating contests- and which food Mack would eat

How being a childhood actor affected her and if she ever struggled with comparing to others with a traditional childhood

Making friends as a child star, people knowing what you are and not who you are…how to tell people’s intentions

Why she got asked not to come back in middle school

How being a star so young put expectations on herself to succeed as an adult

What to do when you're feeling like your value is directly related to your work

On depression and therapy, travelling, rebuilding identity not around work but around who you innately are

What is your favorite thing in the world? I hope I haven’t found it yet

Mack’s plans and dreams for the future

Anxiety during auditions, provider mentality, give yourself permission to take a break every once in a while

The reality of your mortality, the paradox of choice…

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