Episode 15 : Making Ethical Fashion Choices with Rachel Denniston

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Rachel Denniston is an entrepreneur and co-founder of HFS Collective, an ethical and sustainable belt bag company produced locally in Los Angeles. She is also one of Alli's best friends from middle school, so that's kinda cool. 

On this week's episode we chat all about:

Fast fashion and what it's doing to our environment

How to be ethical consumers of fashion

What it's like being a fulltime entrepreneur right out of college and what it's like working with your mom

How Rachel and her mom weave their values and ethics into HFS 


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Mentioned in this episode:

Almost 30 Podcast

Lacy Phillips- Free & Native

Steps to Manifesting :

  • Do you Believe that you are worthy of what you want?
  • Subconscious beliefs
  • Family of origin

Unity documentary

If you buy something for $10, how much is going back to the garment worker?

Ethical Fashion Brands Rachel Recommends

Sotela - https://sotela.co/

Reformation - https://www.thereformation.com/

What to do with your current fast fashion in your closet

Third world countries accepting our Goodwill donations because they are FULL to the max

A major label copied HFS designs-how Rachel and HFS responded

What it's like working with your mom

Advice for becoming an entrepreneur

How she became a vegetarian and why?

Books Recommended by Rachel:



Connect w/ Rachel and HFS:

The HFS Collective




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