Episode 16: Finding Healing within Community with Sera Snyder

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On this week's episode we talk to Sera Snyder, founder of HealingU.org about:

  • How healing escalates when we do it within community-- how to find that community
  • How health challenges are open windows to the greatest emotional and spiritual healing of our lives
  • Are physical health issues a manifestation of emotional health issues?
  • Finding real, authentic community- how to find it and why its so important
  • Numbing and distractions- why we do it, what this means
  • What is rest? How to incorporate more rest into your life and why it's so important

To visit the full show notes, www.alliowen.com/sera 

You can connect with Sera, learn more about her work, and grab her FREE e-book, “Find the Healing Your Body Really Needs” at www.healingu.org

This e-book will guide you through learning to listen to your body and find the healing your body really needs. Stop running from doctor to doctor and listen to your own inner wisdom.

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