Episode 7: Building Self Confidence with Sheena Yap Chan

007_ Building Self Confidence with Sheena Yap Chan

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Sheena Yap Chan is a podcaster who has interviewed over 500 woman on what it takes to be confident. She shares with us how to cultivate confidence in our lives, what confidence means to her, and the common thread that she's noticed has run through all 500 women she's interviewed.

To connect with Sheena, visit her website www.thetaoofselfconfidence.com 

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  • What confidence means to Sheena
  • It’s about having the courage to be yourself, to live your dreams
  • biggest stumbling block for women to be confident--Feeling like we’re never enough.
  • Sheena’s own journey towards self-confidence. Growing up in Asian culture. There’s nothing wrong with making people happy, but when you sacrifice your own happiness for others that’s where people take advantage of you.
  • That’s just a person’s perception of beauty, that’s not the truth.
  • How sheena came into her own. Support system. Reading self-help books. Listening to podcasts. Learning to be nicer to self. As women we are our own biggest critics. Moments of self-doubt repeat: I am love. I am enough. I am worthy.
  • Sheena’s own form of meditation - jogging, journaling
  • Self-confidence is an inside job. You have to have a deep connection of self so you can attract what you want
  • Self-promotion as women...how to let go of what other people think and step into our power.
  • On being an Asian woman and the expectations of getting married, family pressures
  • Having a podcast on self-confidence and not feeling confident
  • Practical tips for women to gain self-confidence...interrrupt the pattern of negative thinking
  • Common thread that runs through all 500 women she’s interviewed - PURPOSE! "Its never over until you win”
  • How to find your purpose in life….ask yourself the hard questions...follow your intuition
  • Favorite stories from women who’ve found self-confidence. Women who have created a career that most people would not do
  • The Science of Getting Rich

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