Episode 20: How TF Do I Love Myself? With Sophie Nik

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-How to manifest the love of your life
-Taking a pleasure inventory
-What self-love means and how to know if you need more of it in your life
-How to raise your vibration and get out of the victim mindset
-Why practicing gratitude is so important and some tools to make your practice consistent
-How to practice more self-love in your social media feeds

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Inner work that needed to be done before Sophie made the jump to being an entrepreneur

Who am I to be doing this ? Parental disapproval

As soon as I stopped looking to other people to validation, as soon as I invested in myself and made myself a priority, everything shifted.

What is manifestation? Manifestation is speaking things into existence. You actually have to believe you are worthy and deserving of having it.

Manifesting the love of your life. Practical tips – how does someone go about doing this ?
Why do they think they can’t have the man of their dreams? What judgments do you have about yourself? Why do you feel the way that you do? Forgive yourself for feeling those things.

People don’t understand they are a product of their environment.
Pleasure inventory- make a list of things she genuinely really enjoys doing, and start doing those things!!
One thing every other day is a start.
Busy-ness is not real—comes down to priorities.
Detached from outcome from dating…allow the universe to do its thing…
Intentions behind the action

Healing the relationship with food- how self-love can play into that
We may be programmed to have a shitty relationship with food. Figuring out the root of the unhealthy relationship with food. Nutrient dense diet…
How can someone know if they don’t have enough self-love in their life?

Self love means you are taking care of yourself both physically and mentally because you know you deserve to. Pay attention to how you speak to yourself. What are you saying to yourself? Do you let people mistreat you? Are you taking accountability for your actions? Are you honest with yourself?
Being kind to yourself and making better choices for yourself…

Doing things to take care of yourself because you know that you deserve to.
How to not be low-vibe all the time?
1. Are they surrounded by assholes
2. What role are they playing in all of this
Victim mindset- they need to look inward and realize the world is not out to get them, maybe they’ve been dealt a shitty hand, they create their own reality.
Coming from a privilege position…it’s easy to believe in self-love. How can people of poverty or who’ve been dealt a shitty hand?
How badly do you want to get out of victim mindset? Its easier to stay in it, it’s harder to get out of it.

We stay in certain situations because there is some benefit to it
Mindset- how we speak about our current situation, how we speak to ourselves…if you’re always “my life is shit, my life is shit” you’re going to be a vibrational match for shit, you’re going to keep attracting shit, which is then going to validate your internal dialogue that your life is shit.

Gratitude practice- how that raises your vibes and improves your mindset
Shorter version: 3 things you’re grateful for in the morning
Longer version: 10 things you’re grateful for an why you’re grateful for it
3 things that happened that day that were really great.
Looking to external things to make us happy- also programmed to believe life goes a certain way

We’re always conditioned to want the next best thing, to want more, and what we have isn’t enough

Social media plays a role in our enoughness. Everything is an advertisement. That really messes with your head.
Depression rates are at an all time high.
How to practice more self love in your social media presence and consumption
- Unfollow any accounts that make you feel like shit.
- Follow only accounts that increase your vibe
- You get to control what you see. Look at things that actually make you happy and that make you feel good about yourself
Social media lurkers – just because people aren’t liking your stuff doesn’t mean they aren’t looking. Don’t pay attention.
Engaging with other people on social media, meeting friends on FB and IG
Connection is very important, not just for you as a human, but for business.

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