Episode 18: The Adventure of Burning Man with Stacey Newman Weldon

Burning Man

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Stacey answers all our BURNING questions about BURNING MAN! What is it like? How does one get tickets? What's the point? She shares with us her journey to adding more adventure to her life and creating her own path to change her view of “Life is Hard” to “Life is Fun” by following advice to take herself out on adventures every Wednesday. Follow her @adventurewednesdays or www.adventurewednesdays.com 

Notes from the Show:

Burning Man is a weeklong experiment in temporary communities

What her NY- themed camp “Kostume Kult” at Burning Man is like

John Halcyon Videos- Best place to start is here

The gifting economy at Burning Man- it’s not a barter economy. You go with the gift mindset!

If you are interested in Burning Man, how to get started. Look for local burning man groups within the city you are in. Link to Burning Man Virgins group - click here

How to get tickets- there are people who will try to scalp tix, but Burning Man & the community does a lot to discourage that!

Burning Man doesn’t curate the entertainment. The entertainment is brought by the people who come

Cacao Ceremony, Steam Bath, Tantric Energy Exchange held by a neuroscientist- all are events Stacey went to last year

It’s all about making connections with people and exploring who you are

Her camp gives out over 7000 costumes

Why Stacey values adventure as such an important component in her life

“Finding a fun way to face your fears”


Adventures build on each other. You don’t have to start by jumping off of things. You have to first become aware of what you are afraid of. Take a step around it and look at it from a different point of view and find a fun way to address that fear

“Have the fear and do it anyway”

How something “dreary” like applying for financial aid can be turned into a fun, new skill

How she met her partner on one of her Adventure Wednesdays

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